Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy
1. Where warranted:
- Products within the warranty period
- Products are warranted in accordance with the supplier
- You show the warranty card when warranty.
2. Where not covered by warranty:
- Product has expired on the warranty card or lost warranty card.
- Warranty card does not specify product code and date of purchase.
- Product codes and warranty cards do not match or cannot be determined for any reason.
- Products are scratched due to long-term use
- Products are dented, deformed due to a collision
- Customers voluntarily interfere with the product's machine or take it to another place for repair.
3. Conditions for returning or refunding 100%:
- Product defect detection of manufacturer when receiving goods.
- The product is not the same as the one you ordered on our website.
- Customers need to exchange and return goods within 7 working days from the time you receive goods.
- Returned products need intact labels, boxes, original packaging of the product as when you received the goods at the beginning

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